Bioenergy and Bioproducts Research and Development in The US

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    Dr. Yebo Li is an associate professor in the Department of Food, Agri-cultural, and Biological Engineering, The Ohio State University. His re-search area is bioproducts and bioenergy. Since 2007, Dr. Li has received more than $10 million in research and training grants including a recent $6.5 million grant as PI from USDA-DOE Biomass Research and Deve-lopment Program working on anaerobic digestion. He has published 4 book chapters, 70 peer reviewed journal articles, and has seven patents (four approved, three pending). One of his patented technologies has been licensed and Bio100 Technologies LLC in Mansfield, OH for commercial production. Among other awards, Dr. Li has been awarded the 2012 ASABE Rain Bird Engineering Concept of the Year Award and 2011 Early Career Innovator of the year award of The Ohio State University.His activities can be found at: