Nanocatalysts for Sustainable Energy

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报告人: Professor Chuan-Jian Zhong

Department of Chemistry, State University of New York at Binghamton,inghamton, New York 13902, USA

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下午  15:00-16:00




The field of catalysis continuously reinvents itself and many of the recent advances in sustainable energy production, conversion and storage are a result of the rapidly-emerging nanotechnology. A key element of the nanotechnology-guided design and synthesis of catalysts involves a combination of the enhancement of catalytic activity and the reduction of cost for catalysts containing noble metals, a multi-billion dollar global industry.  The ability to harness the large surface area-to-volume ratios and the unique surface binding sites of nanoparticles, especially in heterogeneous catalysis, constitutes a major driving force for both fundamental research and practical applications of nanocatalysts.  The design, synthesis, and characterization of metal and alloy nanoparticles ranging from subnanometer to a few nanometers are now in the center of nanotechnology in catalysis.  This presentation will highlight some latest developments of our investigations of the structural-catalytic synergy of nanoalloy catalysts in sustainable energy production, conversion and storage reactions (e.g., carbon monoxide oxidation, hydrogen or alcohol fuel cell reaction, and lithium-air battery reaction).


 Dr. Chuan-Jian Zhong,纽约州立大学宾汉顿分校化学系教授。博士毕业于厦门大学,1989-1992年先后在德国Fritz-Haber研究所、美国明尼苏达大学做博士后研究。曾获NSF Career Award, SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative ActivitiesSUNY “Innovation, Creation and Discovery ”Award3M Faculty Research Award。研究领域涵盖化学材料、分析化学、催化、电化学以及纳米技术新兴领域。主要致力于化学传感、生物分子识别以及可持续能源的生产、转化和储存方面的研究。曾组织国际会议并担任委员会主席,担任杂志编委以及美国Chemical Society and Materials Research Society 丛书编辑。在JACS Nano Letts等杂志发表论文200余篇。