Opportunites in Bioelectrochemistry

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报告人: Adrian C. Fisher 博士  (Reader in Electrochemistry,   University of Cambridge)

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Recent years has seen a dramatic increase in the synergy between electronics and biology. This rapid merger has resulted in considerable convergence of biology and electronics and it has the potential to significantly impact many areas important to a nation’s economy.  In the bioelectrochemical field we can now buy, in our local drug store, a bioelectrochemical sensor which can immediately measure our blood sugar levels.


In this presentation we look at opportunities for bioelectrochemical systems to provide us with electrical power. Fuel cell technology has led to hydrogen as being perceived as a clean, renewable energy carrier. However, the current method of choice for the large-scale production of hydrogen are steam reforming and water hydrolysis. In both approaches energetic input as fossil fuel or electricity is required and consequently there is enormous current interest in the development of alternative biological methods for the production of hydrogen and also electricity production.


The presentation will explore current challenges in the electricity generation processes for a traditional fuel cell and how we might benefit from new thinking in the use of biological material directly to generate electrical power.



Dr. Adrian C. Fisher received his PhD degree at University of Oxford in 1991. He becomes the reader in electrochemistry in University of Cambridge since 2005. His recent research interests are on the computational and experimental development of novel methodologies based on microfluidic strategies as well as bioelectrochemistry.


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