Simulating ecological and hydrological processes in terrestrial ecosystems under global change

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Accurate predictions of water, carbon, and nutrient flux dynamics as well as vegetation growth in terrestrial ecosystems under global change are significant for biodiversity conservation, resource sustainability, and land management. Process-based models (PBMs) often simulate fundamental ecological, hydrological, and biogeochemical processes that regulate vegetation growth and cycling of carbon, water, and nutrient fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems. They may also account for the interannual variation in ecosystem carbon and water exchange associated with climate change, increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration, and species dynamics, as well as coupling of eco-hydrological processes in terrestrial ecosystems. The objective of this talk is to demonstrate use and development of PBMs to (i) simulate terrestrial vegetation and carbon dynamics in response to climate change; (ii) examine effects of hydrological processes (e.g., water routing) on water and carbon dynamics at watershed scales; and (iii) quantify regulation of climate change-induced changes in ecological processes on hydrological processes in terrestrial ecosystems. Overall, this talk introduces some PBM-based studies in Earth and ecosystem sciences and seeks for future collaborative research with potential researchers and experts.